Advanced Fighting Folders is the sequel to Fighting Folders and was specifically produced to pick up where the first video left off. Since it only contains a minimal amount of review, viewers are highly encouraged to become familiar with the material in Fighting Folders viewing this video.

Advanced Fighting Folders begins with a discussion of MBC footwork—a topic that could not be effectively demonstrated in Fighting Folders because of the studio’s space limitations. I therefore demonstrate and discuss the basic footwork patterns used in the system and when they apply.

I then introduce the fourth Defensive Response in the MBC system—the Crossada—via the Crossada drill. With this final component of the system in place, I explain how it can be incorporated into other drills to change the dynamics of the pattern and force one’s training partner to operate from different starting positions at each step in the drill. This concept of mixing Defensive Responses in the context of the flow drills is analyzed and demonstrated in detail, applying it to both the Six-Count and Sumbrada drills.

Building on that foundation, I introduce several other critical drills of the MBC system, including the Punyo Sumbrada drill and the Hubud-Lubud drill, and I explain how the knife hand and “live” hand elements of the drills can be isolated to train them separately.

Using the patterns of motion and sequences of angles defined in the drills, I then show how they can be extracted to create combat technique. Although the current MBC targeting system had not been fully defined at that time, the concept of the “Speed Stop”—techniques that produce rapid incapacitation by targeting specific physiological functions—is introduced and taught in step-by-step, angle-by-angle detail.

To challenge students to perform technique applications under stress, I also teach how to combine the intensity of the flow drills with the spontaneous application of fighting technique—applying techniques at high-speed in the midst of the drill flow.

Rounding out the presentation and building upon the knife openings taught in Fighting Folders, Advanced Fighting Folders also presents strategies and training drills for combat openings, the integration of empty-hand strikes with knife draws, and the concept of fending while drawing. Additional instruction in knife-to-knife disarms, defenses from disadvantaged positions, and the comprehensive integration of all skill complete this video and make it one of the most thorough presentations of knife technique ever produced. When compared to the four-level version of the MBC curriculum that I taught from 2000-2005, Advanced Fighting Folders covers all of Level 2 and selected elements of Level 4.

Advanced Fighting Folders was shot in Paladin’s™ second video studio—which I personally designed and built. When Paladin™ moved its corporate headquarters from a series of converted residential homes in downtown Boulder, CO to a proper corporate building in 2000, I laid claim to a two-car garage on the ground floor and began building this studio. A familiar sight in most Paladin™ videos produced since 2000, it was a significant step up from the studio used for Fighting Folders.

One of the most significant instructional elements of Advanced Fighting Folders is the inclusion of an overhead camera angle and the simultaneous use of three camera angles in the production. I developed this production style for Paladin™ to allow the viewer to see critical physical movements from an overhead angle. This provides a near “first-person” perspective and allows the viewer to easily relate right and left-hand movements to his centerline. This makes it much easier to understand what’s being shown and speeds up learning tremendously.

Like Fighting Folders, Advanced Fighting Folders includes a number of things that I now teach differently. To put this video into perspective with the current system, Stay Safe Media offers an “Errata” sheet that explains what has changed since Advanced Fighting Folders was produced. This supplemental material is available exclusively from Stay Safe and is yet another example of the superior level of customer service and product insight that you will get only from Stay Safe.

Michael D. Janich

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