This video is one of the most intense productions I did with Paladin™. Going into the production, Kelly and I had many long, detailed conversations concerning our reservations about making this information available to the public. After very careful consideration, we decided that if sharing this information could save the lives of the good guys by teaching them what many ex-cons and street people already know, we were indeed serving the greater good.

Nevertheless, Kelly was extremely careful in his presentation of the information and clearly put it into the context of extreme, kill-or-be-killed, last-chance defensive tactics. He also emphasized that, compared to conventional combat-shooting methods that rely on distance, his combative pistol tactics are much more intense and require a much higher degree of skill and gunhandling ability.

Interestingly, this video was shot when Kelly was still working under the pen name of “Jim Grover.” Between the time that it was shot and the time the edited version was released, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 took place. Shortly thereafter, Kelly appeared as a technical expert on counterterrorism tactics on FOX, CNN, and a number of other networks. Among the skills he demonstrated for reporters were the same close-quarters shooting tactics he teaches in detail in this video.

Lest there be any doubt that both Kelly and I/Paladin™ were committed to sharing this information in the most responsible way, it should be noted that once I completed the initial edit of this video, I sent it to Kelly for review. Seeing a video in finished form is always very different than one’s recollection of the video shoot. When Kelly saw the finished video, even he was taken aback at the intensity of the presentation and felt that we should make a greater effort to put the material in to proper context. I therefore hopped on a plane and shot an additional 20 minutes of introductory material to provide the proper “lead-in” and contextual introduction to the core material of the video. I quickly re-edited the piece to incorporate the new footage, sent it to Kelly for a second review, and ONLY then released the video to the public.

Combative Pistol is still one of the most dynamic and revealing videos I produced during my tenure with Paladin™. For shooters who think they are gunfighters, this video is must viewing, as it will teach you the real difference between the two.

Michael D. Janich