Inside the Crucible Volume 3 has traditionally been the best selling individual volume of this series, primarily because it expands upon the outstanding combatives curriculum introduced in the Jim Grover’s Combatives Series and Situational "Self-Offense". Because we made every effort not to duplicate information, you really need to see these other videos to get the most out of the information in this volume. They explain the critical concepts of McCann’s combatives system, like power generation, economy of motion, violence of action, and the combative mindset. With that foundation, you will see how the other situational defenses taught in this volume consistently apply these principles to fuel devastatingly effective defensive tactics.

Although all the information in Kelly’s videos is among the best ever captured, this volume is unique in that it includes rarely-seen defenses against shoulder weapons. While most self-defense systems focus exclusively on handgun disarms, the prevalence of rifles and shotguns in real operational environments—and their use in increasingly common active-shooter incidents—make these tactics an incredibly important addition to anyone’s personal protection skill set.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of volume 3 is Kelly’s instruction in knife tactics. At the time the video was shot, Kelly purposely limited the scope of the knife tactics he presented in deference to Bob Kasper. Kasper’s Kni-Com curriculum represented the full scope of the edged-weapons system practiced by the Crucible staff and Kelly respectfully chose to leave in-depth knife instruction to Bob. Nevertheless, Kelly’s instruction remains one of the most concise, to-the-point (pun intended) presentations on the fundamentals of knife tactics ever captured on video.

If you are looking for one of the best short courses in unarmed combat ever available, get Jim Grover’s Combatives Series, Situational "Self-Offense", and this DVD.

Michael D. Janich