This video was my first instructional knife video with Paladin Press™. The core concepts of this video—and my system of knife tactics—are the same as those detailed in my 1993 book Knife Fighting: A Practical Course. However, Fighting Folders builds upon those concepts to introduce my version of traditional Filipino reflex-training or “flow” drills and shows how those drills form the foundation for fighting technique.

The first 30 minutes of Fighting Folders focus on folding knife carry and deployment and bring to life much of the information included in my book Street Steel, which also pre-dated this video. I teach exactly how to select and carry defensive folding knives and demonstrate in detail the quickest and most efficient methods of drawing and opening them. Included in this section are carry methods using both pocket clips and belt pouches and various high-speed one-handed openings—including inertial openings.

The remainder of the video explains the core elements of my system, including the concept of five primary Angles of Attack, the corresponding Zones of Defense, and how to use them to immediately categorize any attack thrown at you. I then explain Defensive Responses and how to apply them to the Zones of Defense to create a simple, easily learned defensive system.

Based on these fundamentals, I then introduce a series of flow drills that allow you to isolate and develop specific Defensive Responses to achieve high repetitions under challenging, adrenalized conditions. These drills include the Largo Mano drill, the Six-Count drill, and the Sumbrada drill. Once the drills are understood and you’ve got a good foundation of skill, I teach you how to extract the combative applications of the drill and apply your skills to self-defense.

This video was produced to correspond to what used to be considered Level 1 of my Martial Blade Craft (MBC—later changed to Martial Blade Concepts) system. It was shot in Paladin’s™ first video studio—a remodeled room above the company founder’s barn. The room was very small and due to space limitations, very little movement was possible, so some of the drills could not be demonstrated in their full form. Also, my system has continued to evolve since Fighting Folders was shot, so there are a number of things that I now teach differently. To put this video into perspective with the current system, Stay Safe Media offers an “Errata” sheet that explains what has changed since Fighting Folders was produced. This supplemental material is available exclusively from Stay Safe and is just one example of the superior level of customer service and product insight that you will get only from Stay Safe.

Michael D. Janich

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