A Practical Course in Self-Defense with Tactical Pens
Michael D. Janich

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    The tactical pen can be an incredibly potent carry-anywhere defensive weapon, but only if you power it with a sound skill set. The Focused Impact video series gives you that skill set. Volume 2 of this series builds on the foundation established in the first video with detailed instruction in Michael Janich’s enhanced version of Filipino hubud-lubud. Meaning “to tie and untie,” hubud is a powerful tactic that, when performed properly, provides an incredibly effective defense against even the most vicious close-quarters attacks. It also leaves the defender perfectly positioned for fight-stopping counterstrikes, traps, and throws. In Focused Impact Volume 2, Janich walks you step by step through his version of hubud and explains its advantages over traditional methods. He then teaches you how to apply it to multiple angles of attack and scale your response to different levels of threat. Along the way, he provides detailed instruction in high-speed partner training drills that will enable you to develop lifesaving defensive reflexes with only minimal training time.

    Taking advantage of the tactical pen’s low-profile appearance, Janich also teaches you how to use it as the perfect “bridging” weapon—an immediate-response tool that paves the way to draw a gun or other overt weapon.

    Finally, this extraordinary video teaches you how to easily adapt your skills of stand-up self-defense to disadvantaged positions, including devastating applications of a tactical pen as a game-changing groundfighting tool.

    Tools are nothing without the knowledge to power them. Focused Impact gives you that knowledge.

    For academic study only. Color, 54 minutes.
    Widescreen Letterbox Format

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