An Exclusive Look at Kelly McCann's Individual Protective Measures Course Vol. 3: Situational Combatives and Knife Fighting
Featuring: Kelly McCann

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INSIDE THE CRUCIBLE, Vol. 3 Featuring: Kelly McCann

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    Drawing upon principles taught in his best-selling Combatives video series and Situational "Self-Offense", this video focuses on unarmed combatives and the most effective tactics for dealing with common street situations. McCann begins with wall techniques—empty-hand combatives that enable you to turn the tables on your attacker when he has you pinned against a wall, vehicle, or other object with one or both hands. He then teaches the most effective defenses against punching attacks and realistic unarmed defenses against shoulder weapons, such as rifles and shotguns.

    Finally, McCann presents step-by-step instruction in his no-nonsense knife fighting system. This hardcore approach to knife combatives focuses on practical carry methods of the tactical folding knife, rapid opening and deployment methods, and aggressive thrusting and snap-cutting that puts a wall of sharp steel between you and your attacker. This extraordinary volume also includes tactics of using a closed folding knife as an impact weapon and dynamic unarmed defenses against knife attacks. For academic study only Color, approx. 80 min.