In 1995, Kevin Steele, then editor of Guns and Ammo magazine, contacted the founder of Paladin Press™ to inform him that one of his writers had produced an extraordinary video series on combat shooting. As Paladin’s™ Video Production Manager, I was charged with reviewing the videos and immediately realized that the series (“Jim Grover’s Defensive Shooting Series”) and the man behind them (Kelly McCann), would set a new standard in personal security instruction.

After contacting McCann, I learned that he had also produced a three-video set on unarmed combatives and was looking for a distribution channel. To make a long story short, I earned Kelly’s trust and landed a deal for exclusive distribution of both video series.

To put it simply, the Jim Grover’s Combatives Series is THE standard in practical self-defense instruction. The dynamic combination of McCann’s intensity, confidence, and street-savvy insight into what really works is incredibly empowering. As a viewer/student, you know what you are seeing will work and—if you take time to get off the couch and train—you will quickly develop the confidence to make those same skills work for you.

In the first video, McCann teaches you how to generate power and deliver that power through a carefully chosen arsenal of strikes and kicks. He then teaches you how to put those skills into context with a number of situational self-defense scenarios that focus heavily on unarmed defenses against knife and handgun attacks. Finally, in the third video, he explodes the myths of groundfighting and teaches you what it really takes to fight and win in a street grappling situation. This video also includes a crash course in McCann’s brutally straightforward system of fighting with a short stick or baton.

As an added bonus, this DVD features previews of McCann’s other video titles and a biographical piece I edited that includes rare footage and photos of his military career and early training, as well as insights into the many experiences that have made him one of the world’s most respected close-combat, personal security, and counter-terrorism experts.

If you buy only one instructional self-defense video, this should be it.

Michael D. Janich