When I saw Jim Grover’s Combatives Series for the first time, I knew that it would set a new standard in self-defense instructional videos. I also knew that, because many self-defense students have come to expect a “stimulus-response” type of situational training, it was important to follow the Combatives series with a sequel that applied those skills in situational contexts. Kelly agreed and the concept of Situational "Self-Offense" was born.

The title of this video was inspired by Kelly’s belief that “defense” just means “losing slowly.” Once you are put in a position where your safety is at risk, it’s time to “go big or go home.” Thus the proper response to an attack—or imminent attack—is your own more determined and more effective offense.

This video is the perfect complement to the Combatives series and clearly shows how the concepts of power generation, striking, and instinctive fending can be applied to a variety of common street attacks. By learning the tactics in this video, and then looking at the bigger conceptual picture, you will begin to see the common elements of typical attacks. Rather than being overwhelmed by the “What do I do?” response, you will learn to reprogram your skills to seize the offensive and immediately take authoritative control.

Situational Self-Offense deserves a prominent spot in everyone’s training library.

Michael D. Janich