A Hard-Core Guide to Offense-Based Defensive Tactics
Featuring: Jim Grover a.k.a. Kelly McCann

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JIM GROVER'S SITUATIONAL "SELF-OFFENSE" Featuring Jim Grover a.k.a. Kelly McCann

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    Situational “Self-Offense” picks up where Jim Grover’s best-selling Combatives series leaves off. Using the strikes, tactics, and combative concepts established in the Combatives series, Grover (Kelly McCann) shows you how to apply them against the most common street attacks. This hard-hitting DVD teaches you how to immediately take offensive charge of a situation to effectively defeat headlocks and chokes, foul a weapon draw, stop the streetfighter’s “jackknife” technique, counter knife and box-cutter attacks, fight multiple attackers and regain the advantage when you’ve been sucker punched. Best of all, Grover’s techniques do not require you to learn a complicated, counterintuitive set of specialized skills; they’re simple, logical, direct, extremely aggressive and brutally effective. This isn’t martial arts, which you do with somebody. It’s combatives, which you do on somebody or to somebody! For academic study only. Color, approx. 90 min.