Like everything else he does, Kelly McCann’s approach to employing the tactical carbine (specifically the AR-15/M-16/M-4 family of weapons) is based on hard-won, real-world experience. At the same time, it leads the way in taking full advantage of state-of-the-art equipment and tactics—as long as they have been proven reliable.

This video was shot on the Saturday following the five-day Individual Protective Measures (IPMC) course that became the Inside the Crucible series. Like all of McCann’s Paladin™ videos, I did the primary camerawork and focused on close-up, hand-held shots that followed the action as it happened. Based on Kelly’s trust in my camerawork and my knowledge of the subject matter—and my implicit trust in his shooting and gunhandling skills—we were able to coordinate the movement of his instruction and my camerawork in an incredibly dynamic way while ensuring complete safety in the process.

Compared to other tactical carbine videos on the market, this video is unique in many ways. First of all, it was shot and produced before many of the current bolt-on accessories became available—especially those that mount to the now-popular Picatinny rail forends. As such, it includes Kelly’s insights into the accessories and enhancements that are really necessary to optimize the function of the M-4 platform, while dismissing those that are nothing more than extra weight.

This video was also the first instructional piece to really address the combat use of the current generation of red-dot sights like the Trijicon Reflex and Eotech. In addition to teaching you how these sights support rapid target acquisition, McCann explains for the first time how the parallax-free nature of these sights can enable you to make extremely accurate shots with the weapon unshouldered and offset from your line of sight. This can greatly improve your use of cover and afford you incredible advantages in a real gunfight.

Kelly McCann’s Tactical Carbine is an extraordinary instructional video that will enable you to really make the most of the capabilities of your tactical carbine. It is also a potentially life-saving instructional resource for our servicemen and women deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael D. Janich