After the tragic events of September 11th, Kelly McCann was determined to provide a comprehensive educational resource that would allow the average person to keep himself and his family safer against the threat of terrorist attack. After discussing the critical need for this type of material, Kelly and I formulated a plan and within a matter of weeks I was en route to his training facility, the Crucible.

Through careful planning and storyboarding, we blocked out the topics we wanted to address and scouted shooting locations around the Crucible facility. When I finally fired up the camera, we were able to move through a tremendous amount of information very efficiently, capturing everything we needed in a single, long day of shooting. In addition to providing concise, hard-hitting advice on a wide variety of security and anti-terrorism and personal-security topics, this incredible video includes some of the best camerawork of my career. Specifically, the segment on surviving an active-shooter scenario, movement under fire, and use of cover is one of the most dynamic sequences I ever shot. Beginning with a 125-decibel flash bang grenade that sets off multiple car alarms, this segment follows Kelly as he moves from cover to cover while scouting an escape route and providing running verbal instruction.

Although this video was never properly marketed, it nevertheless contains a wealth of information and is both a comforting and empowering resource for ordinary citizens to develop skills and plans to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. It is also a timeless and compelling reflection of the fears we all faced in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Michael D. Janich