Knife throwing is one of those things that everyone wants to know how to do, but few ever take the time to understand. Prior to making this video, I had seen several other videos on knife throwing and read every book I could find on the subject and none of them really explained the simplicity of the process very well. In essence, making a knife—or any other appropriate object—“stick” is a process of 1) throwing it consistently, 2) accepting the fact that it will spin in flight, 3) understanding that something that is spinning will point forward at certain times during its rotation, and 4) being able to judge the distances at which the object will be facing forward.

In this video, I explain and demonstrate this process very clearly. I also teach you how the process applies with different styles and configurations of throwing weapons. Just as importantly, I explain the true meaning of “balance” as it applies to throwing weapons—as well as many common objects, from ballpoint pens to scissors to tire irons. Based on the inherent balance of an object, I teach you how to throw it most effectively and at a variety of ranges, from point-blank, no-spin distance through half-spin and full-spin throws all the way up to multiple spin throws.

In this video, I also dispel the many myths concerning combative knife throwing and put it into context as a viable—but limited—combative skill.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to throw a knife, tomahawk, or other pointed or edged weapon and get it to stick consistently, this video will teach you everything you need to know.

Michael D. Janich