Mastering Fighting Folders was the third installment of the Fighting Folders series and again was intended to pick up where the previous volume left off. The primary focus of this video is reverse-grip knife tactics and the drills associated with it.

In Mastering Fighting Folders, I begin by explaining how the body mechanics of reverse grip differ from those of standard grip and how to explore these dynamics through reverse-grip versions of familiar flow drills like Six-Count and Sumbrada. These drills also introduce the concept of checking before cutting—the opposite of the timing in standard-grip versions—and the checking-hand-only version of these drills.

I then introduce the MBC training drills that are specific to reverse grip, including Trap and Roll, Cover and Slash, and Palisut and present detailed instruction in the reference points and transition points within Cover and Slash that allow it to become a very dynamic and unpredictable flow that develops excellent close-quarters reflexes.

Since the traditional version of Cover and Slash emphasizes targeting that is not consistent with the MBC approach to knife stopping power, I also introduce my “gutless” version of Cover and Slash which emphasizes the targeting of the flexor tendons instead of abdominal cuts. This drill is also cross-referenced with the Crossada drill and its critical functions.

The ­Hubud or Hubud-Lubud drill is then introduced, including both the commonly taught angle 1 attack as well as angles 2-4. Based on these drills and the skills they help isolate and develop, I show how to use the common angles within the drills as transition points from one drill to another. This allows training partners to dynamically transition from one drill to another and creates a powerful “chess game” that instills incredible reflexes and reaction time.

In the second disc of Mastering Fighting Folders, I show how the skills and patterns of motion of the reverse-grip drills can be extracted and combined with the MBC targeting system to create “Speed Stops”—powerful, extremely efficient combat applications designed to end fights quickly and reliably.

One of the most unique portions of Mastering Fighting Folders is the section in which I teach the secrets of Indonesian pencak silat triangular footwork, leverages, and throwing. The result of months of analysis and discussion with silat expert Joseph Simonet, my presentation is the first detailed instruction of this topic ever presented on video and still the best and most logical.

I complete the instruction on this video by showing how to extend the application of reverse-grip knife tactics to improvised weapons (like flashlights and kubotans) and how to integrate all your MBC skills into a comprehensive training system that will enable you to dynamically flow from one skill set to another as the situation demands.

This video was shot in the same studio as Advanced Fighting Folders and also makes extensive use of overhead camera angles to provide the highest quality instruction. Like Fighting Folders and Advanced Fighting Folders, it includes some elements that I now teach differently. To put this video into perspective with the current system, Stay Safe Media offers an “Errata” sheet that explains what has changed since Mastering Fighting Folders was produced. This supplemental material is available exclusively from Stay Safe and reflects the superior level of customer service and product insight that you will get only from Stay Safe.

Michael D. Janich

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