One of the most incredible things about Kelly McCann’s instruction is that it is based on years of hard-earned personal experience. It draws from his own extensive operational and training experience all over the world, as well as lessons learned from his staff and other armed professionals with whom he’s worked and trained.

When it comes to improvised weapons and the real-world use of pepper spray/aerosol irritants, Kelly’s knowledge is based on what he’s made work or personally seen work in countless situations around the world. As such, his approach to improvised weapons not only empowers you by teaching you simple, logical, and incredibly effective tactics with common objects, it also dispels the myths and misinformation that surrounds this topic so you can avoid trusting your life to gimmicks and novelties.

Unlike most law enforcement use of pepper spray, which tends to be an escalation of force, Kelly’s approach to its use is presented in the context of a true defensive situation: you are being stalked by someone who is up to no good. In that situation, Kelly not only shows you how to employ the spray as part of a confrontation, but more importantly explains tactics that integrate its use with avoidance and escape—using it as a type of “area-denial” tool that allows you to escape without being followed. Just as importantly, he teaches when not to use aerosol irritants and how to supplement or back them up with sound striking techniques.

If you or anyone you care for carries any kind of less-lethal weapon or pepper spray for personal defense, this video is must viewing.

Michael D. Janich