Personal Firearm Defense, Non-Firearms Edition
Featuring: Michael D. Janich

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PRACTICAL STICK DEFENSE Featuring: Michael D. Janich

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    Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) distilled the functional elements of the knife tactics of the Filipino martial arts (and others) into a practical defensive knife system that is consistent with modern needs. Michael Janich’s system of Sobadiwan Eskrima does the exact same thing for stick tactics, providing a simple, direct, and extremely effective system for self-defense with sticks and other impact weapons.

    Practical Stick Defense is the first video to document Janich’s unique approach to stick tactics. In it, Janich presents step-by-step instruction in the critical skills of using all types and sizes of stick, including both purpose-designed and improvised weapons. He begins with the tactics of using a “fist load”—a kubotan, yawara stick, flashlight, pen, or any other object that can be gripped in the fist to increase and focus the striking power of the hand. Janich teaches both the advantages and the limitations of this class of weapons and shows you how to integrate them with your natural body weapons to ensure a fight-stopping solution.

    Janich then presents the tactics of a one-handed impact weapon, like the traditional Filipino single stick, an ASP/collapsible baton, or any improvised weapon of similar size. Building on the foundation of movement, body mechanics, and angular patterns of MBC, he teaches you how to adjust your targeting to attack and break the bones and joints to reliably stop your attacker.

    Finally, Janich teaches you his dead-simple yet highly effective method of fighting with two-handed weapons, including canes, walking sticks, and readily available improvised weapons like broom handles. This method takes advantage of the mass and size of a two-handed weapon to use it as both a shield and an incredibly powerful and versatile striking tool.

    Practical Stick Defense is part of the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series produced primarily for distribution to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Although most of the videos in the series focus on various aspects of firearms use for personal defense, the Non-Firearms Edition, which includes Practical Stick Defense explores empty-hand and less-lethal weapons.

    Although more detailed and complete videos on Sobadiwan Eskrima will be available from Stay Safe in the future, at present Practical Stick Defense is the most comprehensive instructional resource available on Michael Janich’s system of stick fighting. It is available through Stay Safe at an extremely affordable discounted price.

    For acedemic study only. Color, approx. 60 min. total

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