After the success of the first Jim Cirillo video, Jim was anxious to do another one that focused more on the shooting tips and tactics that he had developed during his years with the NYPD and subsequently as an instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). After discussing the scope of what he wanted to present—and the resources necessary to do it right—we decided to shoot the video at Marty and Gila Hayes’ Firearms Academy of Seattle (FAS).

Using the excellent facilities at FAS, Jim presented instruction in an amazing array of topics, including: his “geometric point” method of high-speed, close-range shooting; low-light and flashlight shooting tactics; tactical use of laser sights; long-range handgun shooting; tactical movement and use of cover; shooting moving targets; combat reloads; the “New York” reload; and the realities of bullet ricochets and how to use them to your advantage in a gunfight.

This video was shot immediately following an IDPA match at FAS. To make the stages of the match both challenging and very realistic, Marty Hayes worked with Cirillo to design many of the stages based on the actual events of Jim’s gunfights. When it was time to shoot the conclusion of the video, Jim thought it might be interesting to do it at the stage based on his very first gunfight. Jim delivered the conclusion, then turned and shot the stage—cold. He beat the scores of every IDPA competitor who shot it in the match, most of whom were less than half his age.

To put it bluntly, this is an incredible video that contains hard-won information you won’t find anywhere else, presented by one of the true legends of our time.

Michael D. Janich