Season Two
Fearuring: Michael D. Janich, Michael Bane, and Rob Pincus

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THE BEST DEFENSE SURVIVAL! 2010 DVD Featuring Michael Janich, Michael Bane, and Rob Pincus

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    Modern-day disasters like the aftermath of hurricane Katrina have shown us that when tragedy strikes, we must be prepared to fend for ourselves. The Best Defense: Survival! tackled this difficult topic and empowered viewers with the information they need to survive. In season 2 (2010) of this groundbreaking series, award-winning host Michael Bane and co-hosts Michael Janich and Rob Pincus dug even deeper to present detailed instruction in the exact preparations, tactics, and strategies you need to keep yourself and your family safe during natural and man-made disasters.

    This two-DVD set includes all seven episodes of The Best Defense: Survival! 2010 and presents hard-hitting, step-by-step instruction in the following topics:

    • Understanding Short, Medium, and Long-Term Disaster Scenarios
    • Choosing and Preparing Your “Survival Room”
    • Survival Water Sources and Purification Methods
    • Practical Food Storage and Preparation for Survival
    • Disaster Medicine
    • Home and Family Security during a Disaster Situation
    • “Bugging Out”—How to Decide, What to Prepare, and Where to Go
    • “Bugging In”—Hunker-Down Strategies for the Urban and Suburban Survivor

    In addition to these topics, Rob Pincus presents comprehensive instruction in the tactics of using readily available firearms effectively in worst-case scenarios.

    If you’re concerned about surviving a natural disaster, civil unrest, or any other large-scale incident, you owe it to yourself and your family to invest in this DVD set. The information it contains could make the difference between being prepared and being a victim.

    Two-DVD set, seven episodes, 22 minutes each