Useful Links and Links to Our Friends

Martial Blade Concepts - An edged weapon self-defense system developed by Michael D. Janich

Martial Blade Concepts on Facebook

The MBC Training Blog - "A resource through which I can share tips, insights, and suggestions regarding all training related to MBC, CBC, and the related disciplines I teach and practice". Michael D. Janich

Tuff Writer - The World's Finest Tactical Pens and Watches

Spyderco - Reliable, High Performance Knives

I.C.E. Training - "I.C.E." Stands for Integrity, Consistency and Efficiency, the hallmarks of the programs, courses and services provided by the company. I.C.E. is owned and operated by Rob Pincus, developer of the Combat Focus™ Shooting Program.

Paladin Press™ - Home of the Action Library

DownRange.TV - Down Range Television with Michael Bane

Extreme Self Protection - Hatmaker Combat Sports Training


Suarez International - Reality Based Gunfight Training

SWAT FUEL - Optimizing Human Performance: USA-based nutraceutical manufacturer developing nutritional products since 2006